Our Mission

Neurophotometrics Ltd. (NPM) is a scientist-run company providing state-of-the-art optical equipment for both academic and industrial research applications.

In science, every discovery leads to new questions. The answers to many of these questions require novel tools and technologies. As most scientific research (the bench work) is conducted by junior researchers (ie graduate students and postdoctoral fellows), this group has a unique perspective as to the demand for new technologies and regularly spearheads their development.

At NPM, we aim to work with junior researchers to rapidly make their technological advancements available to a broad audience. Our objectives are to reduce redundancy in tool development, promote a more efficient use of federal and private funding, and to augment the stipends of junior researchers so that they become commensurate with the value they provide to society.

Through our symbiotic relationship with academia, we look to disrupt the scientific hardware industry by rapidly bringing new technologies to market in an affordable manner. This gives us a competitive advantage over most science technology companies who are forced to spend substantial funds re- or reverse engineering advances that have already been developed.